What’s a year or two?

Sure, I had forgotten about this blog and a couple of years have passed since I’ve written anything in it, so I suppose it’s time to give it some more juice.

We’ll start easy:  Irma and I married each other, after a painful breakup and then anything but an atypical reunion.  August 28th 2009.  Yes,  An entire year.

If pictures are worth a thousand words,  these should fill enough for a blog post.

At the Alter

At the Alter

The Rings

Jorge hands the rings over


A kiss to seal the deal

LA Familia

The families


The Wedding Cake


Bride in Waiting

The Two of US

Mister and Missus

Oddly enough, we celebrated our one year anniversary a few days ago, by taking a bite of the once frozen wedding cake and a trip to Taco Bell.

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One thought on “What’s a year or two?

  1. It’s all romantic and great and wonderful and all that good stuff, but the important thing to note, here, is that your wife’s dress is SO STINKIN’ CUTE! I think short wedding dresses are just the best, most fun way to go, and she picked such a cute one! So many brides don’t have a fun enough skirt on their dresses when they’re not full length, but this one is fun top to bottom. Love it!

    Also: Beer… Alaska… Trucks.

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