Not sure I have anything in particular on my mind today.  I’m not really one of those bloggers who get an idea, research it, then write about.  That’s much too professional for me. I prefer the amateur style of throwing it down and seeing how it sticks. So let’s throw some thoughts down here….

Arbitrary picture of Irma and I making out in the middle of a road in 2007 for no reason whatsoever.

Irma and I have been married for a couple of years, more or less.  Less really, if you want to get all factual.  I’m learning that marriage is a learning process.  I’m learning the learning process.  Hmm.. that doesn’t make much sense. Eh, we’ll go with it anyway.

What I’ve learned so far.

The process of marriage is learning how to confront a spouse in a such a way as to win an argument, prove your side of the argument, or martyr yourself by giving in even though you know you are right.

There’s other stuff too of course. This learning process isn’t just about winning. It’s also about loving someone under all circumstances that come up in life. Unless those circumstances are things that don’t really fit into your idea of what marriage is and would in fact result in losing an argument.

If your spouse doesn’t want to conform to your culture, your likes, your habits and so on, then the whole loving each other no matter what is kinda mute.  I mean, seriously, what are you supposed to do if neither one of you like the same movie, food or recreational..uh…recreation…?  Compromise?  If there’s one thing I’ve learned from high school football in Texas that applies to marriage is, compromise is just another word for loser and as stated previously, marriage isn’t about losing. It’s about winning. Being the winner.

So, just to sum up what I’ve learned about marriage:

  • If you argue – win.
  • Sometimes, be the martyr. (You can use it later to win a different argument)
  • Compromise is for losers.
  • Marriage is a competition
  • High School Football can be used to illustrate the relationship between husband and wife
  • Selfish is a verb, not a noun…. use it to your advantage.
  • This is why the divorce rate is so high in this country.

Charlie Sheen is right and is why he is regarded as a true sage of our time:

Winning is everything… and being right tigerblood makes it happen….

I’m glad, even though this was just a “throw down”,  I was able to help you a bit by sharing my vast, unending knowledge of marriage with you…

You’re welcome.

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2 thoughts on “Winning!

  1. Is this where you will be writing for now or are you going to be writing in both?

    • Ricky

      I think both. Just depends, I suppose, on which personality has control… 🙂

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