Is it the TRUTH?

Is it FAIR to all concerned?


Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

That is from the Rotary International Club, of which I am not a member.  I don’t really meet the criteria.  I like that though.  I like the idea of it, even if it isn’t really seen much these days.   Business is about money and the bottom line.  Ask any of us conservatives.  You don’t get a job so the company can give you money for nothing.  How much money they give you though, is up to them.  Whether or not you decide that works for you, is up to you.

Recently my employer came to my work place and told me they are shutting down my department.  The company just can’t afford to keep it going.  He went on to tell me that he is sorry and hates having to let people go.   I believe him.  It sucks when you know the people who work for you and know they have a family and bills just like everyone and that this decision could hurt him/her.

I appreciate that he came this long way to tell me in person.  I completely understand his reasoning.  I agree with it.   When you are trying to keep a business going, you can’t keep someone employed simply because they might have a family and bills.   I would never want to be somebody’s charity.

It sucks having to let someone go.  It sucks being let go.  Life goes on.   I respect this company and the choices they have to make.

So, here I am, about to be searching for a job again at 41 years old, with a wife and children to support. With bills to pay and hopes to strive toward.   People keep telling me that I should take some time and find what it is I really want to do.  Don’t jump at the first offer.   I like the thought but time and want isn’t the most important thing.  I look at all this OWS stuff and think, they are so backward.  I get it.  You want to do what makes you happy.  You want other people to help facilitate that happiness.  You think you are owed happiness.   You are not. I am not.

So, I will take the first job I can get so that the bills can be paid and food can be bought.  Whether it’s milking black widow spiders by hand, (which would be my worst nightmare by the way) or  mopping  up after a horse breeding session….like my mother has always said anytime I may tried to complain, “You do what you gotta do”.

Sound advice for the ages.

Having said that, and getting back to my original point, if I could have that dream job, the job I want, the job that would bring joy to the pits of my soul, it would be those first four sentences.

What?  That’s not a job, you say?  Well, if it were a  job, that would be it.  It’s an idea. I know.  Even though I understand money makes the world go around, and even though I get that companies do and should have the right to fire and hire people any time they want, that money will always be the bottom line for any job,  my dream job would be all about Truth and Fairness and Goodwill and Beneficial to All.

So I’m downsized.  It happens.  MY next job is probably gonna suck more than previous.  Ok. God has my back.  This I know. The Bible tells me so. (I just made that up, you can use it if you want) And my dream “job” is probably what my life should look like.  Maybe that’s what I’m talking about here.  Not a job or lack there of, but my life.  My life, has absolutely nothing to do with money or jobs or the bottom line.

Integrity is what I want for my life and the jobs that come with it.  That would be awesome. Yes. I said “awesome. “

Job. No job.  Not really the point of life.

It’s scary, but it’s just a thing.

I get it now.  Thanks for letting me work it through here.  It’s all gonna be okay.


Jobless Guy

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  1. James Perotti

    Dear jobless guy, the shock of losing my job at 60 nearly killed me. The specter of everything we owed was swing his sword. Then I remembered how 30 years before my wife had become pregnant with our son, while we were living under a bridge, and I thought hell yes, we can go back there if need be. It really was the peak of living. Good Luck, Rick. I hope something comes your way soon. James

    • oaktreesandmariachi

      Thanks James and your right, it’s all about perspective.

      Appreciate it.

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