Rich, Handsome and Famous

I am currently contemplating a trip up north of Santa Fe to do some treasure hunting. The Fenn Treasure is apparently still out there, waiting patiently, watching the bears, elk and squirrels ramble by, who sniff curiously at this odd rock sitting in their territory.  I assume that’s it’s “sitting” and not buried or immersed in water.  My assumptions are not aways correct though.

I’m still looking for work so time isn’t so much a factor, though perhaps it should be.


Resting in Old town with Little Ricky

Telling my wife, who works everyday that I’m gonna go up in the mountains for a day or so while she watches our 15 month old and handles the 15 year olds drama, is akin to walking up to a Marine and slapping him in the face… the effect may be less harmful but the intent to do great bodily damage to me would be the same.

Irma and I on our wedding day

I love my wife.  Just want to put that out there.

Anyway, the point is that I am “considering” a treasure hunting trip”, whether that will happen or not remains to be seen.  I’ve read the book, looked at the interviews, read the blogs of others out there searching, so I have an idea or two on where it might be. 

My ideas though, go no further than the northern New Mexican border. Out of work fella’s with families can’t afford to be hopping all over the country looking for treasure. Since I hold no great credence to the possibility of actually finding the Fenn Treasure as it is, spending too much time on it would be in poor judgement. Not that I am opposed to using poor judgement as a general rule, poor judgement has usually gotten me in some horribly, exciting situations. As most would agree, those are usually the most memorable.

Speaking of poor judgement, I also started a business. And by “start” I mean got a business license.  Not much has evolved from that though.  Fish in a Tree is the name and I’m still working on figuring out what the business is.  I hear smart folk write business plans and such… no ones ever accused me of being smart folk though. Smart ass, sure. Handsome, yeah. Gorgeous and charming even, but not so much smart.

The business will be something creative, but whether that’s doing graphic design work, as my past would assume or some other creative pursuit is yet to be seen. In general I want to be able to work in a job that is beneficial to my community in some way but also allows me to make a comfortable living.  Is that too much to ask?

Eh,  I dunno.  I work hard when I work and believe that work itself is noble and should be given a 100 percent when doing it. Whatever that work is.  Finding the work is another matter though.  If you see me in McDonalds one of these days, you can believe I will make you the freshest damn Quarter Pounder that ever got made!

Petroglyph National Monument

In other news, I’ve been doing local hikes here and there. Albuquerque and the surrounding area has a plethera of great hiking as well as history.

Once in awhile I’ll find some out the way place that hardly gets any traffic


Buried Knick Knacks

Cliff in the Ojito Wilderness

and I’ll dig a hole, drop in a container with some knick-knacks about myself and my thoughts.  Mark the spot, then in 20 years I’ll give the hints to my son and let him go find em.  In 20 years I’ll be 61ish. If I’m still walking the earth, and I want my son to get out and see the world.  Maybe these kind of things will get him moving. 20 year olds are notoriously hard to get moving in case you have’t noticed.  I hope at the very least, if I’m not around, it will give him appreciation for the outdoors.  Hopefully I’ll be here, but God takes us in His time, not ours.

 Finally, I am currently reading “Rio Del Norte” by Carroll L. Riley. It’s a fascinating look at the history of the folk who have occupied the upper Rio Grande Valley since prehistoric time. I have an idea for a novel that deals with this, which is why it’s fascinating to me. There i go again with my “idea’s”.  One of these days my “ideas” will make me rich, handsome and famous… hopefully though that fame doesn’t involve prison time. Heh. I kid.


So, there it is. Another long post in the life of me.

You’re welcome. I’ll see ya in the hills.

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One thought on “Rich, Handsome and Famous

  1. Tam

    Awesome post… 🙂 I would buy your novel..

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