Old Texans and a Snicker bar

This “blog” has turned into a Forrest Fenn, Thrill of the Chase, Treasure Hunting thought spot for me, rather than my usual mindless dribble.  That’s probably better anyway.  I’m not even interested in my mindless dribble and few others are anyway.

So the other day I have a conversation with myself, which annoys my wife to no end, and I say, “Self.”

Self says “Yes?”, in a British accent.  Not sure why my Self has a british accent but ya know, I try not to question my Self to much.  It gets confusing.

“Self”, says I,  “Your never gonna figure out this poem.  There’s just too many variables.” Let me interject here and state that I have the math skills of a 5th grader so using a math type word like “variables” is big for me… carrying on then…

Self takes a moment, scratches his chin, gazes blankly at the wall and then… well… that’s about all I got out of Self during that conversation.  Once he zones out, there’s no getting me Self back.

So instead I sat down and did this:

thrill of the chase
“Uhmm.. why?”, you may ask. Well, when I get to thinking I like to do things with my hands and though you might not be able to tell from this particular graphic, I have a experience playing with graphic design applications.

During this process, I’m also thinking. Thinking about how I need a snack of some sweet sort but also about how to use my special skills to find the Fenn Treasure.  It turns out after some deep thought that I have few special skills that would help me in this so I went and got a snickers.

My plan, as it stands, is to think like a Texan, since Mister Fenn is one.  As things would have it, I am a Texan also.  I spent a good deal of my youth walking the Texas woods, bypassing rattlesnakes and picking up Comanche arrow heads here and there, so I think as far as thinking like a Texan goes, I got that covered.

So, my first question, utilizing my new mode of thinking style is, where would an old Texan hide a treasure chest full of, well, treasure?  I am not an “old” Texan, I am just a middle aged Texan who lives in New Mexico, so the answer I came up with is:  An old Texan would hide his treasure close to where he lives. Since Mister Fenn lives in New Mexico, much like myself, I’m going with the treasure being in New Mexico.

Next step is to decide where in New Mexico an Old Texan would hide a treasure. Now I’ve seen all the interviews and read the book as much as anyone else and have come up with the clue that the treasure is close to…some sort of … water source… now I could be completely wrong about this, but this is what my Texan gut is feeling.  Water.

Join me next time as I reveal the third clue of my newly found Texas intuition. Hint: It has to do with trees….

You’re welcome.

Here’s proof of my Texas genealogy, for any doubters out there wondering about my Texas credentials:

Old Texas Kin Folk

Old Texas Kin Folk

Old Texas Kin-Folk.

So, now you know you have no chance of finding this treasure before me.  Maybe you use common sense, problem solving, and other such fancy skills… I on the other hand rely entirely on… uh… what was I saying again?  Hmmm.. never mind,  I think I need to go get a Snickers….

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17 thoughts on “Old Texans and a Snicker bar

  1. Bill Lynch

    Too much thinking, not enough humping it in the COLD…

    When you get to 36 degrees 19 min 47.54 sec N & 106 degrees 37 min 30.50 sec W you’ll be blazing close…. enjoy your candy bar.

    Look quickly down for…

    Then use your curved Fenn epitaph…

    • oaktreesandmariachi

      Bill, thats an interesting spot. I have the cd trail in my bucket list right after i walk the Appalacian trail. True story. I might go take a gander here one of these mornings when i got gas money for the 3 hour drive. How do you work around all that private property going through there?

      Also, kenny rogers is one if my faves. Good choice.

  2. I’m GPS challenged…where is that near? Just curious.

  3. Bill Lynch

    There are signs that say beware bears and snakes, and then there is the “whitewater” so one must be a little brave. No need to worry about private property… you are “IN THE WOOD” as in National Forest. Take Forest Service Road 151 off HW 84

    For Stephanie…. It’s near a famous mesa where her ashes are scattered Get Google Earth working and you can fly there today….

  4. Ahh I already know that Georgia O’Keeffe’s ashes are scattered on Cerro Pedernal. I wrote a blog recently about how I figured it to be in Abiquiu at http://whatsablaze.wordpress.com/ I did leave out that very good information Bill.

  5. oaktreesandmariachi

    Islands in the Stream – a very appropriate song for that area. Ever since I’ve heard that Forrest said there have been a lot of people within 500 feet of the treasure, I thought along the Continental Divide Trail would be a likely area. It’s a long trail though.

    Stef, here’s a video of the area Bills referring too, made by some CDT Hikers: http://youtu.be/PRfucpdtG04 Skull Bridge is seen at about 11:53 in the vid. (Not for the Meek?)

    If you haven’t found the coordinates yet here’s a link: http://goo.gl/maps/5oiyd

    That’s a good area Bill. I take it you’ve been out there already?

  6. Bill Lynch

    Your link gives a good Forrest Fenn “flutterby” view as in USAF “flyby”…

    In the video you can clearly see the island in the distance, ~ 500 feet away depending on water flow & depth. Trail Blaze markers can be seen in video and actually are on the bridge. Match curve in FF epitaph to water flow around island.

    In answer to your question, on January 23rd, 2013, flow was down, the river was frozen solid and you could literally walk to the island. There was 5-6 inches of snow covering the ground I had not anticipated. Had to go all they way to Albuquerque for metal detector, the place in Santa Fe was closed for remodeling.

    A few Clues..
    beware to not step on cracks like Moma said….
    Remember that Forrest moved his favorite book “Flywater” closer….
    Hemingway wrote “Islands in the Stream”…
    Pirates bury treasure on islands…
    Look at cattle “cow” corral by the bridge…
    Sandstone canyon…. sandstone used to make marbles…
    El Vado Ranch was already known as “the home of Brown” when I was first there in 1968…
    A beautiful mountain close-by with a famous artists scattered ashes…

  7. oaktreesandmariachi

    Those are some great and generous clues and it sounds like a perfect spot. If today wasn’t Valentines Day and I didn’t have a pregnant wife I need to keep happy, you’ve convinced me enough that I’d probably be heading up there to look around. As it is, I have a couple of spots heading up toward the Truchas peaks I want to check out too, though it might be a bit too cold to get up in there this time of year. I’ll also keep a look-out for all the other folks that will be clamoring around out there now too. 🙂

    Next time you need a metal detector in the area, let me know and I’ll let you borrow mine, though you’d still have to drive to Albuquerque. 🙂

    • Bill Lynch

      Thanks very much for the generous offer but now I have one. Got a Garrett, always had wanted one. A suggestion for anyone (myself now included) . Since all the new pipe is PVC, lay sticks of 3/8 rebar in the trench so you can find easy with a detector if you ever need too.

  8. gord

    I love your Spirit. The place you come from is a good place to be. Thank you for the edification that your Blog provides for me. There is something in your graphic reproduction of the poem that I am curious about. I am wondering if FF had any input or influence as to the placement of anything contained therein? What say you?

    • oaktreesandmariachi

      Thanks Gord. No, I don’t have any contact with Mister Fenn. The graphic was all mine.

      • gord

        Well, I’m hoping that your graphic is prophetic. There is an element in it that lines up exactly with what the clues lead me to. I’m hoping to be able to share a story with you that may just knock your hat in the creek.

  9. oaktreesandmariachi

    I’ll look forward to hearing it Gord. Good luck out there.

  10. Donna McChesney

    I’ve been studying this dang poem for three years, and going on my first and hopefully only search this May. My honey hole is in YS. I found WWWH, HOB, the blaze and I just need to get there and look down. When I find it, I will remain obscure, and let FF know. I have enjoyed your stories. ¥Peace¥

    • oaktreesandmariachi

      Obscurity is smart. I wish you the best and be careful out there.

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