The Home of Brown

I was looking at my old New Mexico Roads map that I’ve had for years and suddenly got an idea about the location of the treasure.  It’s okay. You can laugh if you want too.

Anywhoo, I decided get permission from the wife and head the 3 hours up northeast of Taos to check it out.  No heavy loads or lifting. Just checking.  Well, Albuquerque traffic isn’t always fun.  Read that as Never fun. This time I-40 east and I-25 North were both closed due to failure of people driving cars to.. well, drive cars.

I got out of town about 9.  Drove through beautiful Espanola, New Mexico.  (If you’ve been to Espanola, then I’m sure you can see the sarcasm dripping from that sentence.  ITs not bad.  Onate seemed to like it.  Don’t think the Tewa’s cared for Onate though… just a guess.

I digress.

Once you get past Espanola, if you are able to get past Espanola, its a beautiful drive up to Taos though winding river canyons and a history that runs over you like a mudslide.  You can see the rift to the left as you enter this ancient Pueblo.


I enjoy a good rift as much as the next guy but I had things to do.

From Taos, I took a hard right toward Angel Fire.  Now, if you happen to be using a GPS type device, and that device tells you to take a hard right at Apache Canyon. First, slow down or stop and look to the right to see the snow packed and covered dirt road where your devil of a GPS is taking ya.  Luckily I knew where I was going so I chunked the GPS out the window and told her I’d pick her up on the way back.

I’ll finish this post quickly as I got to get running here.  I can already hear my wife calling my name. And not in the good way. What?  The good way is when she tells me dinners ready. Ya dirty minded folk. Shame on the lot of ya!

My idea included the Vietnam Veteran Memorial State Park there in Angel Fire. Holy ground if you ask me. And you didn’t. I suggest everyone, Treasure seekers or not, go to see this monument at least once in your life.  Especially if you’re an American. You owe them that much.

Anyway, the story of the memorial can be found here.  Go. Now.

Ok. Here are some photos I took.  After I had locked my keys in my truck and had to wait for a locksmith to show up and help me… thanks Chuck.  If you’re ever in a need of someone to jimmy your door open. Chucks the guy in Angel Fire.

2013-03-08_14-18-20_560  2013-03-08_14-55-47_779  2013-03-08_14-23-47_848  2013-03-08_14-51-12_766  2013-03-08_14-32-08_518

The people there are fantastically sweet.

Anyway. I checked what I came to check. Said a thankful prayer for everyone lost in war and the loved ones they’ve left behind, then headed out.


Hiking in the freezing sleet and snow is what God made us for. Well, I’m assuming that’s part of the reason…

DSCN0607 I did take a moment to admire Taos on the way out though.

No time left to check out the Scout Ranch or Agua Fria Trail.  Some other time.

The rest of my weekend was spent with this guy and his mama.


Son wins the treasure race every time my friends.

Be careful out there.

That means YOU!

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22 thoughts on “The Home of Brown

  1. mionsiog

    So I guess you didn’t find the chest of gold because if you had you wouldn’t be writing this blog. You’d hire someone to write it for you. Nice pictures. Thanks for the post.
    Take Care.

  2. oaktreesandmariachi

    Haven’t found it yet Jose, but definitely enjoying the hunt for it. I’d probably still write it myself but maybe on a better computer. 🙂


    • Nelson Rodriguez

      I love what Forrest Fenn created. If I could look for this thing right now I would. However, I can’t. I hope you find this treasure. I hope its real to be honest, i think it is. I think its in an obvious place that could be hard to get to. Like putting your wallet on top of your house; that’s an easy spot but you would need to think of checking their first and then getting up there.

      Any who, I read your blog and I think its cool what you are doing. I think having the spirit of discovery is an amazing thing. God speed.



      P.S. I am pretty good with words, and finding out various means to them. If you need an opinion please feel free to write me an email. I need some kind of treasure hunting excitement in my life.

  3. Chad in MN

    We enjoyed seeing the memorial when we were there. We even found (unintentionally) a geocache up against a tree (under a rock). You can imagine how the heart was racing… Good luck

    • oaktreesandmariachi

      That’s awesome! I didn’t even think to overturn rocks while I was there.

  4. WE FOUND THE BLAZE! But didn’t find the treasure. Maybe it’s been found already. . .

    The blaze shows a box, it appears to show some running men, and the letters I and D. I posted a picture here:

    Does this look like a blaze that Forrest would make? It seems to be similar to the ones in his back yard in NM that are posted on this blog. Any ideas? Looking quickly down didn’t work so well. I guess I was looking for an F or FF blaze.

    • oaktreesandmariachi

      Well, Xmarks, that’s as good a clue as any I’ve found! Not sure what the I and the D would stand for offhand in regards to Forrest but I’ll definitly keep it in mind. Thanks.

  5. marie nelson

    hi i left a post somewhere else but since i dont know much about this stuff i think it got buried where it will not be found. i had surgery on my shoulder so i have been laid up bored so i started following some of the treasure blogs just for fun. you can only do so much family tree stuff. we planned a trip to santa fe area to bird a year ago before my arm went south. a office friend of my hubby went to santa fe two years ago. we are going through panhandle where his parents are buried. and i want to go to rock hound state park. we have to come before it get to hot i have very fair skin so i burn bad and i take a med that causes me to over heat easy. we dont want to come to early and get frostbite or deal with bad roads. i tried asking some of the parks and looked at road sites but they are confusing. i have a couple of emails into a birding group i found but they have not gotten back to me. is it spring break there too. we are think late april early may? help if there are places we need to avoid or goood places to go please let us know. the Vetrans Memorial (if i spelled that please forgive me) is also on our list we are not into art museums and that kind of places. we are looking for easy trails and wildlife preserves. thanks i am just trying to rech locals and its been hard on this trip marie

    • oaktreesandmariachi


      I think late April and early May are perfect times to visit New Mexico. I don’t think you’ll have any problems with icy or snow covered roads this time of year. Most of the storms are usually done by now. (usually…)

      You may find some snow on trails in the shadows of higher elevations in April and May but nothing that would be cumbersome to travel.

      As far as places to visit, I have a list a mile long but it all depends on what your wanting to do. Bandolier is a great place to get out, and most of the trails are well used. If you want to see some of the ancient settlements, I’d start by going to the Pecos Historic Monument then a drive through Jemez Springs. From there head out to Chaco Canyon which, you may need a day or two to digest it all. From Chaco head north to Aztec and the Salmon ruins and if you have time head on up to our friends in Durango Colorado and visit Mesa Verde.

      Assuming you don’t want to spend all your time driving around looking at old stone buildings and reading about ancient farmers, there are a number of wildlife preserves in the area. I know that Bosque Del Apache
      is a must see for birders and photographers, though I think the best time of year for that is in Fall when all the wild geese make it their vacation home.

      Here’s a good map of some places to see that might be of interest in that regard.

      Other than that, there are tons of things to do out here and all within about 3 hours drive of Albuquerque and Santa Fe.

      Hope that helps a little and if you have any more questions and I can help answer,please feel free to ask. Thanks.

  6. ACTUALLY your pretty funny…I too; thought the exact same thought on Espanola…I saw where it said “beautiful Espanola” but how beautiful is a city where even the McDonald’s windows and doors have bars on the outside to protect them from thieves. It was in Espanola that I had for the first time the thought “what am I doing here?” i hadn’t until Espanola realized what I was doing and how much time and money I’d spent. Ouch–big time wake-up call! Oaktree I also like the Taos circle…somehow I think there’s an X that marks the spot…iether on the map

    • Enough Already!

      You guys should be nicer in your comments about my home town. I remember when it had buildings all up and down main street. Besides, depending on what you all call “mountains,” the treasure could be right there in the mostly abandoned moving-picture house. Or maybe under the bridge (the real bridge–those other two are impostors). Or, maybe it is in the “plaza” up at the old high school–back when we were “hornets.” But no, my belief is that the treasure is really in the “campo santo”–but first you have to find the “campo santo.”

      • oaktreesandmariachi

        Enough, All I know is, that getting through Espanola is a pain. I’ve never been through there when there wasn’t some kind of Road construction going on. If your’e talking about the cemetery in the Truchas area, then your not far off from one of my own thoughts on the location.

        Though I ask everyone to always take my thoughts with a grain of salt and a bottle of Whiskey… 🙂

  7. Cont… or on the lay of the land…don’t all treasures have an X that marks the spot?

    Lastly, I lost my keys in a swamp in Oakwood Bottoms duck hunting once…had to walk for miles to a find phone…about a three and a half hour nightmare. A day later on my way in to the same spot at 5:30 am I found them shining up at me from 3-4 feet of water– probably laughing.

    • X

      There is an “X” on the map. Didn’t you see it?

      • oaktreesandmariachi

        The question then X, is what area is the map covering?

    • oaktreesandmariachi

      That’s funny. I did that recently when I went up to the Cham River. I spent most of the day looking for the treasure, finally made my way back to the truck through muck and mud, only to realize I lost my phone. Had to retrace my footsteps and found my phone lying within an inch of the shoreline.

  8. Mr. Oak Im going to post some thoughts id like your opinion on. Sadly, as soon as I do I’ll get tons of phone calls from area codes I’ve never seen and will have to reply to peoples questions and comments.. I’m honored its just a lot of work. “The Thrill of the Chase.”

  9. nych ruskich
    czujnikach, które nie manipulują, gdy należy.
    Namyślanie się zerknij tutaj – Henrietta – wielce
    poniewczasie. Wzięli jeszcze chwilę w celu siebie.

    Przedtem ludność w plamistych, szarych
    połówkach Specnazu wpadli do pokoje, zdążyła oznajmić para słowa:

    – Wybacz, Ryszard.
    Komandosi chwycili niziołka, rzucili na przeszkodę.

    Wzięli go rozkrzyżowanego, tak bardzo
    że nie dotykał nogami podłogi. Dwa stanę.

  10. Richard Coney

    I am comm7ng up with the pueblos too, think I have idea on which one, fenn is a collector of native american objects.

  11. Well, you saved a trip for me in search of the “home of Brown”. I saw the picture you posted of Davis Freeman Brown. Since you don’t have the gold, I assume this is not the spot. Then again, maybe you are one of those that Fenn said went right past the other clues. I’m curious if you went into the chapel?


    • Q1, I didn’t get a chance to search much around the area. Basically this was just a clue gathering mission. If you have an idea I’d say go for it. I did go into the chapel. It was a beautiful place.

  12. M

    This was witty and enjoyable. I began to read it with an Irish accent. 🤷‍♀️

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