This Amazing Life


Life amazes me. The creation of it. The beginning of it. The living of it.
When my year and a half year old was born, I cried as they lifted him up and he peed on the nurse. I looked at my wife, who was dazed a bit from the ordeal, then looked at my son again as they set him down on the scale, his lungs filling with this fresh new air then letting that air back out again in the form of a wailing scream, and I prayed, “Thank you Lord”

Thank you Lord for these lives and for putting them in mine.

Leonardo there, to the left, is set to see daylight in just a short few months.  He’s pushing and pulling at his mother, eager to get out I think.  Already, before he even takes his first breath, I’m imagining him in twenty, thirty or forty years.  What kind of man will he be?  Will he be strong and brave? Kind and caring?  Will he stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves? Will he know God on a personal level and not just as some abstract idea? In those years after I’m not there, what will his memories be of the time I’ve spent with him?  What can I do to help these next few years I have with him, bring light into his eyes?

These are the things I think about.

I’ve been looking for work now since the summer of last year.  It’s been a struggle to get through, wondering how the bills will get paid.  Feeling disconnected from my own self-worth.  Scratching at the buzzing in the back of my head that asks, if I’ll ever find work again and most importantly, when?

When I see this picture though, and I lay my hand over the smooth skin of my wife’s belly, inches from him, I don’t think of what is waiting in the future.  All I think of is that life is amazing. In every single way. Every single day. That my primary job on this earth, at this moment, is to be a father. Whether I find work now or never. Whether we are able to move out of the 2 bedroom rust bucket. to a place that will actually fit more than 5 people soon. Whether or not this or that.  My job is being a dad.  That, my friends, is amazing.

If you came here looking for the Forrest Fenn posts, they’re on you’re right. I’ll have more later when I get a chance.  Now I have to go pick up my 16 year old from driving school.

Be safe out there.

– Ricky

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10 thoughts on “This Amazing Life

  1. Goofy_Old_Guy

    Thanks for the course correction……

    The wife and I are at the other end of the spectrum from you and your wife. Our first grandbaby is nearly a year and a half old, and we have another one due in July. My wife has conceded to the fact we couldn’t afford for her to take off work to go to Texas (we live in California) for the birth of our second grandbaby.

    Your post has been on my mind since you first put it up. I’ve had some of my stuff for sale so I could finance my trip out there to search for the treasure, and low and behold I sold something that would finance the excursion to my “perfect spot”. After reading your post it didn’t take a second for me to make my decision. My wife now has a plane ticket to be with our daughter when our second grandbaby gets here; and a few bucks extra to get some grandbaby stuff……..

    I wouldn’t take all the gold in El Dorado for the treasure I’ve already been blessed with.

    I’m not giving up at all; it will just take a little longer before you get that steak you wanted.

    • oaktreesandmariachi

      Goofy, I appreciate the comment and the sentiment. And I’ll keep my eyes open for the steak. No hurry though. 🙂

      • Richard

        Are you still looking for fens treasure and do you live in the search area

      • oaktreesandmariachi

        Still looking when I get I get a chance and I live in New Mexico… so depends on which search area you’re looking at. 🙂

      • Richard mcdonald

        If you live in the Santa Fe area I might be of some real help, if you don’t mind doing a split. The info I have will make you want to go right now. Will send my phone number if you think this will work for you

      • oaktreesandmariachi

        Richard, I wouldn’t mind doing a split but the problem is, if I go look for a spot you have and the treasure isn’t there, then later go look at my spot and it is there, you might think I cheated you. That’s why I don’t check on others spots.

  2. marie nelson

    sir it looks like your all ready have some pretty good treasure and maybe looking for icling on the cake. good luck

    • oaktreesandmariachi

      Thanks Marie, treasure hunting is fun, but its not the priority of my life.


  3. Hes is beautiful!! Just wait till next year when he is toddling and you are treasure hunting! He will be eating rocks and sticks! Well at least that is what our one year old did the past few days. We weren’t treasure hunting but we are on spring break and went to the woods a few days and oh my how amazing it is to see the world through the eyes of a little boy. How yummy the sticks are from the trees, great teething toys, how delicious all the rocks look, how inviting the cold cold lake is, we had to fight tooth and nail to keep him from jumping in! The wonder of a minnow in his hand, how squishy and fun that little thing was! Ahhhhh no matter how rich you are financially or how poor you are, there is true greatness, treasure and wealth in those little moment of wonder! Please post lots of pics when he is born!!

  4. oaktreesandmariachi

    Thanks Jen. 🙂

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