You may or may not be wondering what happened to me.  Likely not. My new job is keeping me busy.  The family is keeping me busy but my mind is rather still lately.   I reckon that has a lot to do with the other two.  Each morning though,I head to work, (Thank the Lord) I look northward, imagining a caravan of folk up in the mountains there, scrounging around in the dirt, getting mud and gunk all over them and I feel that envy bug nibble my bones a bit.

Its not that I’m not content… was that a double negative?  Anyway, it’s not that I’m not content.  I am.  I thank the Lord each day that he lets me get up early and go work each day,  I thank Him morning, noon and night for giving me my family. Only He knows where I’d be right now without em.  But.. there is still that.. desire.. I guess.. to head up in the mountains, and get covered in mud and gunk and maybe find a treasure or just a faint trail that leads nowhere.  You know what I mean.

It’ll be awhile before I’m back in that game though.

I’m still in training at work, with some other folk.  Today I was talking with one of them and she looks at me, my burgening beard, my large calloused hands then looks around and says, ” You know Ricky, if anyone of these other guys got dropped off in the middle of the woods,  I don’t think they’d make it.  You, on the other hand, well,  I don’t have any doubts you’d be fine. Men today are weak and soft.  They talk big but only while playing their xbox or complaining about something or another.  You got something they don’t really make in men anymore. Grit.”

I don’t know why she said that. I had no idea how to respond.  Thanks?  She’s a bit off in the head herself, so I don’t take it too seriously, but it was a nice thing to say.  And she’s right. Men, for the most part, these days, are weak.  Being dropped in the woods to fend for yourself  aside, just men in general have lost the mindset of what it means to be a man.

• Responsibility

• Hard Work

• Staying with it when it gets tough

• Keeping promises


Sorry, didn’t mean to go off on a tangent there,  sometimes I start a post with one idea and it takes on a life of its own. Winding down a curved path without any direction.


Anywho, to those of you stopping by here looking for clues or insight into the Fenn Treasure, well, all I can say is, Be safe, Be Honest, and Good Luck.  I mean that.  I hope you find it.  If not, then some day I’ll be back on the trail.  Someday.  Maybe with my two boys in tow…

We’ll see ya in the woods.. someday.



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13 thoughts on “Men

  1. waterhigh

    Great post. You know where your treasure is. May God bless you and yours.
    He gave me a ‘keeper’, too.

    • oaktreesandmariachi

      Thanks for the comment water and God bless you and yours also

  2. Great post! God bless you!!

    • James Perotti

      Hi Ricky, Men today weak?, I would have to disagree, I don’t see weakness, but I do see a vast majority of people that have been brainwashed, into believing they are victims of some sort. In fact it looks like it is now politically incorrect, to believe that one is not a victim. Sad, sad, sad. Take Care. James

      • oaktreesandmariachi

        Thanks James. I would contend that believing you are and acting like a victim is a weakness. Brainwashed or otherwise.

        Thanks for the comment.

    • oaktreesandmariachi

      Thanks Jen

  3. zach

    I have been following your blog for a while now and I always enjoy reading your comments……I like the way you think! It’s not always that you read something that makes you feel as if you could have wrote that yourself. Well first of all, congratulations on the new child! Life is a beautiful thing is it not. 🙂 And good luck with the new job. Your doing what your supposed to do………taking care of yourself and taking care of your family, whether it’s (in the wood) or here in Gotham City. It’s what men do regardless of what we look like 🙂 I myself lost my job back in February of this year and thankfully my wife makes enough to support us three(we have a daughter that’s 14months old), for now. But I can’t say that everyday it doesn’t eat away at me that she’s working and I am not—-I am just glad I have put away enough throughout my life to keep us afloat until I get that call. Oh, and I wouldn’t worry too much about the treasure right now, I think it’s safe for a while. But I know you just like to get outdoors and breathe the fresh air as also I too, got to do that no matter what! …..I have known about it for a couple of years, but didn’t really start looking or have the time to look until I lost my job…….since then, I have been out looking quit extensively, not to mention all those “late nights” up researching and “thinking”. I have enjoyed the thrill of the chase so far, it’s kept me sharp. But I know it will be found eventually, and who knows, even a blind cow can find a blade of grass, so maybe even I have a chance, we will see! I will have to wait for the forests to open back up? 🙂 I am always looking for something and always will be, but at the same time always content, because no matter what, I have my family…..there my treasure. Good Luck my friend in all your endeavors…………until then.

  4. zach

    oops! I got a little long-winded there. Sorry about that. Anyway, you take care, and have a good 4th of July!!

  5. sounds like you are well on your way to being a promise keeper yourself. 🙂 This is God’s heart when He has me pray and intercede for the men today that the Gideons will rise up and step up to the plate and become who He has for them to be. I think of Brainwashing a completely different way, ie; in God’s word we are encouraged to wash our minds with the washing of the water of the Word. I believe that when men have the Father as our guide then men can truly become real men and let their weaknesses be His strength in them. Keep on Keepin’ on Ricky. Beautiful Baby boy congrats to you and your wife and other son. 🙂

  6. Just saying “Hi!” Hope all is well with you and yours.

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