Gone Fishin’, Still Wishin’

Forgive my extended absence.  Life, as always, is keeping me busy and my thoughts turn more toward living than writing about living.  Know what I mean? Why just the other day I said to myself, “Self!  What in tarnation is wrong with you?!”  I don’t really ever use the word “tarnation” and am completely unaware what Self was referring too, but that should give you some indication as to where my mind is. In a world far, far, away….

Hey! That reminds me, I was up north of Santa Fe just last week on a family camping trip.  You know what’s north of Santa Fe besides bears, trees and mountains?  Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure, that’s what!  I know, you thought I’d given it up, left the treasure hunting to all you “sure as heck I know where it is” folks.  Well, you’re kinda wrong.

Wrong, in that I still consider the treasure, as it lies there somewhere under a hillside, left out in the cold and shivering with loneliness and longing. (I don’t believe it’s buried in case you’re wondering and I have good cause not too.) You’re right in that I didn’t go a huntin.  Just a campin and a fishin.

But I thought about that poem as the sun rose over the hills in Sugarite Canyon, spraying a pink hue over the lake and landscape.

Sunrise over Lake Maloya

Sunrise over Lake Maloya

I thought about it as rain hammered down on my tent and the wind shook the walls.  I even went so far as to trick my wife to going for a hike around Lake Alice to enjoy “nature”, when really I just wanted see if I could stumble upon a metal box full of expensive stuff.

Family in front of Lake Alice.

Family in front of Lake Alice.

I didn’t, but I think Little Leonardo may have seen it as he dashed toward the tree line that led to the cliff face above the lake…

Hiking around Lake Alice

Hiking around Lake Alice

No worries, I’m still quicker than a two year old.

Anyway, I ponder the poem now and again.  When I don’t have two boys screaming in my ear or chasing em around the house.  When I’m not so concerned about money and life and just makin it day by day, I think about it.  It may be years before I get a chance to go again.  To sit down and figure out my best options of warm water halting and houses of Brown.

Remember a year or two ago when The Today Show did that week long series with Forrest?  He’d give a clue everyday.  Eventually they kind of worked him out of the show.  I think they expected someone to find the treasure on live TV.  Silly entertainment type folk.

I don’t really know if I ever expect that treasure to be found.  At least not in my lifetime.

So I tell my boys that they’re treasure is in the mountains.  I did actually bury some little knick knack things out there but my hope is that they will get it in their heads that maybe the mountains are the treasure and while they’re out there they can find a little metal box with some shiny things in it too.

In the meantime, I’ll just burn some weinies with em when I can, think of the time spent when I can’t and consider a poem now and again.

Burning Weinies on the campfire.

Burning Weinies on the campfire.

Like this one:

Say! You’ve struck a heap of trouble —
Bust in business, lost your wife;
No one cares a cent about you,
You don’t care a cent for life;
Hard luck has of hope bereft you,
Health is failing, wish you’d die —
Why, you’ve still the sunshine left you
And the big, blue sky.

Sky so blue it makes you wonder
If it’s heaven shining through;
Earth so smiling ‘way out yonder,
Sun so bright it dazzles you;
Birds a-singing, flowers a-flinging
All their fragrance on the breeze;
Dancing shadows, green, still meadows —
Don’t you mope, you’ve still got these.

These, and none can take them from you;
These, and none can weigh their worth.
What! you’re tired and broke and beaten? —
Why, you’re rich — you’ve got the earth!
Yes, if you’re a tramp in tatters,
While the blue sky bends above
You’ve got nearly all that matters —
You’ve got God, and God is love.

Robert Service
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2 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’, Still Wishin’

  1. Good to hear from you again and to see your treasured family. Take care.

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