About Me

This is just stuff. Stuff I think about. Stuff I talk about. Stuff I care about and stuff I don’t. There’s a lot of stuff in my life.

Random Stuff About Me:

I won a horse in a writing contest when I was 14.

I’ve been able to sing the entire song, The Gambler by Kenny Rogers since I was 4.

I’ve “almost” died countless times in the wilderness being stupid.

Example: When I was 16, I was chased by a herd of Buffalo up a tree in Oklahoma, where I hung on for 2 hours until the bull got bored.

I’ve been married to my gorgeous wife since 2009. I have a 19 year old Step-Daughter who lives in Mexico.  A 16 year old Step-son, my son, Ricky jr, was born 2 days before my own birthday in 2011 and my wife is currently pregnant with our son, due out in late May or early June, 2013.

Oaktrees and Mariachi the blog was named so because I grew up in Texas country surrounded by Oak Trees in every direction and my wife grew up in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, the birthplace of the Mariachi music.

Feel free to contact me at rickylf@gmail.com if you so desire.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. wanda

    i live on the NC coast where the
    warm waters halt. its the gulf stream its called the
    NORTH WALL .now check out these.
    the new mint NM quater ,the old north wall ‘Frijoles Canyon post card
    and yellowstone, just for a few . you owe me a gold coin

  2. Plasmalupus


    The location is at 38 17 31.08 N 106 22 16.22 W, in Colorado, on top of Sergeants Mesa, just off of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail

    Found some more Forrest Fenn’s handiwork….?

    “Soldierstone. An amazing monument in the middle of nowhere. It’s a pillar about twelve feet high with text on each side. It’s surrounded by rocks piled into a low wall. Further away stones are arrayed all around the monument. These stones are inscribed with quotations, some in English, but most in other languages. It’s dedicated to those soldiers of other countries who collaborated with the USA in Southeast Asia. The former military man who conceived of the monument, somehow got it located and built on public land, and paid for it, felt that these nameless, unthanked soldiers deserved this unique recognition. He also felt that it needed to be a low-key monument (like those soldiers), so his desire was that it would be built without government fuss, and after being built, would not be advertised. Very strange. Yet it is somehow moving and there is a sense of the sacred about the place.”

    A clue?

    Hope you are doing well….

  3. Just got back from Nm Thought Espanola was HOB. also went to alot of the places you did. did not find it ….

  4. John R Couvillion

    Ricky: I found a poem in a box on an island south of Skull Bridge. Did you write it and leave it there?

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